Allen Verhey: The Death of a Christian Ethicist

In 2004, I moved back to NC from the lovely yet cold city of Chicago. I had recently attained the somewhat coveted status of ABD and decided to relocate back to God’s country. Looking for work, I began teaching at Elon University as well as working as a teaching assistant for a number of courses at Duke. One of the courses I was a TA for was Allen Verhey’s course on Bioethics. It was Verhey’s first semester at Duke and, even though there were only five students... Read More

After Crucifixion: A Keen Book (and interview)

What will probably be remembered as having the greatest reviews ever, After Crucifixion: The Promise of Theology is, unlike much of what I’m sent, a stellar read. Many of the theology books that come my way are either trying to mimic that guy I always confuse with Henry Rollins (‘Peter something or another’) or they are attempting to ‘out’ neo-Anabaptist the next neo-Anabaptist. Unlike the aforementioned poop stains, After Crucifixion is actually... Read More

A Faith Embracing All Creatures (40% Off!)

Volume II (A Faith Embracing All Creatures) of The Peaceable Kingdom Series is now available. If you order it now, it’s 40% off. Simply visit the publisher’s website, type in this code, CREATURES, and viola! A great book at almost half the price! As the point of the series is to think about what it means to embody God’s peaceable kingdom, each volume attempts to examine what this means for ALL of creation. Volume I discusses nonviolence toward enemies, Volume... Read More

Jesus Most Certainly Did Not Die For Ewoks or Gungans! (Only for Wookiees, Humans, and Twi’leks)

I was recently fortunate enough to be interviewed by the ever so interesting folks down at The Christian Post. This makes two interviews with them in the last few weeks. Yeah, I know . . . I wouldn’t trust me anymore, either. Unlike my previous interview, A Man’s Search for Satan, (kudos to them for correctly understanding my chromosomal alignment), this one wanted my opinion on Christian Weidemannon’s take on extra-terrestrial life and Christian theology. Well,... Read More

Third-Way Allegiance: Christian Witness in the Shadow of Religious Empire

Finally, after two decades of hard work (or, well, more like two years of me kind of trying), Third-Way Allegiance: Christian Witness in the Shadow of Religious Empire is finally out. This is a collection of brief theological articles discussing everything from national holidays to Steve Irwin, from Star Trek to parthenogenesis (and nope, Mother Mary, female whipped-tail lizards, and marmokrebs decidely do not get it on). Primarily, it’s a book about the co-opting... Read More

The Gift of Difference: Radical Orthodoxy, Radical Reformation

We are finally getting some press on this lovely book that includes contributions from folks such as John Milbank, D. Stephen Long, and Rosalee Ewell. If you have ever wondered what the Radical Orthodoxy movement might learn from the Radical Reformation (or, vice versa) this is the book for you. If you haven’t ever entertained such thoughts, I certainly wouldn’t start now. The Gift of Difference: Radical Reformation/Radical Orthodoxy Amazon: The Gift of Difference  Read More

Five Questions with Amy Laura Hall

Amy Laura Hall is Associate Professor of Christian Ethics at Duke University. She has written a number of books including the soon to be classic, Conceiving Parenthood: American Protestantism and The Spirit of Reproduction. She also raises holy hell like nobody’s business. For this reason, it’s time for “Five Questions” with Amy Laura Hall. 1) What’s it like having double x chromosomes? Tricky, scary, and fun. I learned during my first months in the... Read More