Resource: John Caputo’s Lectures on Continental Philosophy

John Caputo at Soularize

John Caputo at Soularize 2011 (photo courtesy 8TRACKphotography, David Trotter)

For those of you just dying to get more exposure to the raw material of continental philosophy that comes into the conversations here regarding continental philosophy of religion and postmodernism, especially in conversation about the church–whether impinging directly or tangentially on matters practical or theological–you can’t pass up today’s Resource.

John D. Caputo, one of the authors in our series, has an excellent set of lectures from a handful of his courses at Syracuse available online. You can also review some of the syllabi for the courses during which the lectures were recorded. They include the rationale for each course and some of the reading material required. Click here for his faculty emeritus page(he retired this year) where you can find his syllabi.

While the recordings aren’t professional quality—it seems they were simply recorded by a student—they are an invaluable resource nevertheless. And the best part—they’re all FREE! You can check them out here.

If you’re on Facebook, be sure to “Like” the John D. Caputo page, administered by Katharine Moody. There you can find plenty of regular updates about his speaking engagements and other projects.

If you ever get to see him speak, take the time to meet him. He is very kind, hospitable, and very encouraging to young scholars in philosophy of religion. His worked has really paved the way for many of the current discussions in continental philosophy of religion as well as for the contributions of the newest generation of scholars and practitioners in the field.