New Book – Reexamining Deconstruction and Determinate Religion

Given the invigorating discussions that occur on this blog about the intersection of religion and postmodernism, I wanted to just note the publication of a new book that Stephen Minister and I have edited that is likely to be of interest to “Church and Postmodernism” readers.  It is entitled, Reexamining Deconstruction and Determinate Religion: Toward a Religion with Religion (Duquesne University Press, 2012), and features essays by Stephen and I as well as scholars that will surely be known by most readers of this blog: Bruce Ellis Benson, Drew Dalton, Jeffrey Hanson, Merold Westphal, and John Caputo.

As will be clear from the endorsement by Kevin Hart below, this book fosters a lively debate among the contributors and hopefully it will do so among its readers as well.

Here are a couple endorsements:

“Faith after deconstruction? And religion too? It seems so on reading this bold new collection: not that “old time religion” but perhaps an “old-new religion.” Among other things, this book picks a fight with John D. Caputo and his “weak God,” and boy does he ever come back with fists swinging!”
— Kevin Hart (University of Virginia)

“This pioneering volume explores the philosophical, theological, and practical implications of deconstructing religion—and what comes after. Bringing together the most radical insights of contemporary phenomenology and hermeneutics, the authors challenge us to rethink faith in the postmodern agora.  A very timely intervention in the ongoing debate about God with or without religion.”
— Richard Kearney, Charles Seelig Chair of Philosophy, Boston College

  • Joao Rafael

    Well, I live in Brazil and I am really interested on reading this book! however, no bookstore is selling it here, is there a way I can get one?
    Have anyone read it already?