The Relevance of Philosophy of Religion to Religious Studies: Of Gaps and Gratitude

By: J. Aaron Simmons (Department of Philosophy, Furman University), In 1996, William J. Wainwright edited a book entitled God, Philosophy, and Academic Culture: A Discussion between Scholars in the AAR and the APA.  That book features contributions from some of the most influential philosophers of religion and theologians in recent history: Nicholas Wolterstorff, Merold Westphal, Walter Lowe, Stephen Crites, Philip L. Quinn, C. Stephen Evans,... Read More

Resource: John Caputo’s Lectures on Continental Philosophy

John Caputo at Soularize 2011 (photo courtesy 8TRACKphotography, David Trotter) For those of you just dying to get more exposure to the raw material of continental philosophy that comes into the conversations here regarding continental philosophy of religion and postmodernism, especially in conversation about the church–whether impinging directly or tangentially on matters practical or theological–you can’t pass up today’s Resource. John D. Caputo, one... Read More