Can Philosophy Come Forth As Prophecy?

J. Aaron Simmons ( – Department of Philosophy, Furman University Zachary Jolly ( – Department of Philosophy, Furman University In 1984 Alvin Plantinga’s landmark essay, “Advice to Christian Philosophers,” appeared in print in Faith and Philosophy. This widely celebrated essay can rightly be said to have crystallized the early gestures toward what has become known as contemporary “Christian Philosophy,” and stands... Read More

Postmodern Kataphaticism?

J. Aaron Simmons Department of Philosophy Furman University Email:   Let me begin by simply offering the following thesis: The genuinely important negative theological trajectory in much of postmodern/continental/deconstructive philosophy of religion has led to its own problematic dogmatism.  Specifically, in the crucial attempt to overcome onto-theology, much of continental philosophy of religion has seemingly given rise to what I will term an... Read More

John Caputo talks about “What Would Jesus Deconstruct?”

John Caputo talked about his book in our series “What Would Jesus Deconstruct?” on the On Being blog. Here’s a link to the post. Note there’s both a brief written post as well as an audio recording.  Read More