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Revolutionary Silence: An Interview with Chris Heuertz

Chris Heuertz was mentored by Mother Teresa for three years and spent nearly twenty years serving with the Word Made Flesh community, where he worked for women and children victimized by human traffickers in the commercial sex industry. Then, in the fall of 2012, he and his wife, Phileena, launched Gravity, a Center for Contemplative Activism. In this interview, Chris Heuertz discusses how contemplative practices can help sustain activism, lead to a more holistic health, and create... Read More

Embodying Peace, Transforming Violence: An Interview with Sarah Thompson

In this issue of The Other Journal, we have used the lens of Marxism to illumine the consequences of economic exploitation and the ways we as Christians might work against such exploitation. Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT) is an international nonprofit organization that aims to perform that same work, addressing racism, sexism, heterosexism, nationalism, and economic exploitation in all its forms all around the globe. CPT partners with marginalized communities in situations of... Read More

Social Justice in the Inner City: An Interview with Lisa Sharon Harper, Part II

Lisa Sharon Harper is the author of Evangelical Does Not Equal Republican or Democrat and Executive Director of NY Faith and Justice, an organization that began in June 2006 when four strangers from New York met at the Sojourners / Call to Renewal Pentecost Conference in Washington D.C. They left that meeting with a common vision inspired by one dangerous thought: “What if the body of Christ came together in all its diversity? And what if that diverse body spoke with one... Read More

A Series of Brief Reflections on Human Rights Activism and the Christian Faith

The following 14 reflections were presented at Seattle Pacific University’s Faith/Learning Forum on the 27th of October, 2005. 1. The “faithful” are called to seek peace and justice in many faith traditions outside of Christianity (e.g., see Carmody and Carmody. Peace and Justice in the Scriptures of the World Religions: Reflections on Non-Christian Scriptures. NY: Paulist Press, 1988.) 2. Seeking peace and justice should extend to all God’s creation, not to human... Read More