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Gaga à Gogo

I remember the first time I saw Lady Gaga perform on TV. She was seated at a very large and very pink piano brimming with plastic bubbles. She had barely tickled the flamingo ivory before strutting center stage to engage in a most bizarre choreography. At the time, Lady Gaga was still becoming the icon she is now, and as I was about to press the worn-out channel button on my remote, a dreadlocked violinist joined in the cacophony. I was stunned to see that New-York-underground-chamber-music-scene-poster-child... Read More

A More Subversive, Sincere Celebrity: A Review of Banksy’s Foray into Film

Banksy, Exit Through the Gift Shop. Revolver Entertainment, 2010. Visit here to view a list of screenings in the United States. I was the first person in the history of my high school to fail the AP Art exam. The class, which at the time was somewhat exclusive, consisted of about six students every year. Each student was charged with the task of developing a portfolio that consisted of about forty artworks, fulfilling a quota for different mediums and displaying a consistent... Read More

False Idols or Latter Day Saints: “Kurt & Warhol” at the Seattle Art Museum

Had Andy Warhol still been living when Kurt Cobain committed suicide in April 1994, the odds are he would have immortalized Cobain in his art. Cobain, with his short, tortured life and his brief but brilliant career, was the most iconic figure in rock music since the punk era of the 1970s. Dead at twenty-seven, like Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, and Jimi Hendrix before him, Cobain seemed to have engineered the perfect romantic rock and roll death, an end almost preordained from... Read More