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Quiet Storms: The Paintings of Women by Joyce Polance

The female form is hardly unexplored territory within the history of painting. Nevertheless, when a present-day artist with the sensibility, intuition, and tenderness of Joyce Polance approaches the canvas, the figures in the work do not breathe antiquated. These fleshly women invite us into the mystery of their stories and offer space for us to receive their unspoken pain and healing as part of our own. [Show as slideshow] ... Read More

Common Ground: Symmetries of Land and Culture after Economic Change

After living on a farm in Lockport, Illinois, for seventy-three years, Harlow Cagwin sold his family land to a subdivision developer. Shortly thereafter, Amanda Grabenhofer and her family settled into a newly built home upon the land that once housed the Cagwins’ cattle. Together, the stories of these families are the subject of Scott Strazzante’s fifteen-year photography project, Common Ground, in which the juxtaposition of photographs reveals differences, complexities,... Read More

The Truth about Public Transportation

is that it’s public, so when the young man the size and shape of Biggie Smalls squeezes into the seat next to me on the Amtrak bound for Chicago, there’s nothing I can do but bear it, try to finesse and fidget some elbow room. And the public nature of this northbound train makes it impossible not to hear the chatter of the family directly in front of me: white mother, black stepfather, her pudgy teen daughter—at least that’s my rickety guess as we stutter past rotted-out... Read More

The Bridge I Called Home: A Restoration Ministries Recovery and Relocation

Take a moment to consider the value and meaning of your name. With only transitory reflection, you may discover that your name is a multifaceted label with depth, gravity, associations, and significance. You will discover a history. Your name is the symbol that represents you, of course, without ever truly capturing you. It is an identity, and identity has beauty. At the mention of your name, a brain activates countless neuronal pathways; the synapses fire information back... Read More

The Habit of Being: A Portrait of Miss Mystery and Manners

Click on the image below, “Portrait of Flannery O’Connor,” to open Laura Lasworth’s exhibit in a resizable browser. In The Other Journal exhibit “Tangled Alphabets,” León Ferrari and Mira Schendel considered language as the focal point of their works. Here, in “The Habit of Being: a Portrait of Miss Mystery and Manners,” the Seattle-based artist Laura Lasworth also considers language but from a very different starting point—the writing of Flannery... Read More