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War as the New Normal: An Interview with Andrew Bacevich

In a polarized American culture, few voices transcend the dichotomies of Left and Right. Professor Andrew Bacevich is one voice that both parties listen to, and while his critique of American policy pulls no punches, his service to his country and patriotism is above reproach. In this interview, Dr. Bacevich discusses American exceptionalism, foreign policy, the irony of American history, and the place of war in U.S. culture. The Other Journal (TOJ): I would like to start... Read More

The Mountain Beyond

In March of 2003, I returned to Haiti for the first time in two decades. I was aching from hours of stooped sitting in the minivan from Cap Haitian to Papay in the Central Plateau. For the past few days, members and supporters of the Papay Peasants Movement (MPP) had come on foot and mules, on the colorful tap tap buses with names like “God Come to My Rescue.” They came carrying sleeping mats of straw and neat bundles tied with rope as their sole possessions, and they... Read More

Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss: An Interview with Eugene McCarraher, Part Two of Three

The narrative of the historic presidency of Barak Obama is a hotly contested one. What is different, “audacious,” or status quo about this presidency is daily debated by pundits of all stripes. This president, like those before him, is a polarizing figure, yet the country seems intent on uncovering the historical significance of the presidency in the present tense. Generally speaking, many on the Left are concerned with the president being chronicled in the U.S. lexicon as... Read More

Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss: An Interview with Eugene McCarraher, Part One of Three

“We may be through with the past [. . .] but the past is not through with us!” said Quiz Kid Donnie Smith in Paul Thomas Anderson’s complicated, prophetic film Magnolia. This axiom was articulated by numerous characters as the film’s thesis, and the film uses this idea to illuminate the consequences of solipsism at the end of “the roaring” 1990s, particularly as characterized by personal and cultural amnesia. Indeed, Magnolia was a portent to the tragedies... Read More