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Aesthetics, Social Equity, and Modern-Day Vigilantes: An Interview with Ken Gonzales-Day

Ken Gonzales-Day is an internationally recognized artist based in Los Angeles, California. His interdisciplinary work envisages historically constructed systems of race and the limits of its visual representation. In one of his recent projects, Gonzales-Day addressed matters of trauma and social racial consciousness by combining images of a reconstructed lynching scene of a Latino man in 1920 with images of recent protests surrounding police brutality. In this interview, Gonzales-Day... Read More

The Way Mulattas Make Me Feel: Michael Jackson’s Domination of the Feminized Other

Michael Jackson is standing on a darkened street corner. Out of the mist appears a caramel-complexioned woman with long brown hair and a short black skirt, who struts across the concrete in high heels. Instead of stopping to give the King of Pop the attention he deserves, the woman passes him by with a sideways glance. A gruff voice off-camera chuckles at the diss. MJ turns and delivers a bad-ass, ear-splitting, “Hey!” Everything stops; the woman looks afraid. So begins... Read More