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The Secret Life of the Village

It has almost stopped raining, but cloud’s still lower than our house. Abandoned shoes and burn marks show points of departure on the street, blackberries and sloes fill the hedges, waders call at night. I used to have a bookcase that opened out on hinges to reveal a secret room beyond. If there is such a thing as community it is now invisible in the morning mist.  Read More

The House With The Red Door (for Jessica who asked)

We must disregard old favourites, learn to forget the past. It is usually found where there is not too much direct sunlight, a sudden picture that was hidden but is still included. No-one was able to write down things exactly as they happened but images are preserved with amazing sharpness. We are surprised by the apparition, the sound of a wind-up toy in motion, the bustle of mind in the mouth. It is a time for our words to dance and our bodies to celebrate spring, time to convince the... Read More