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Women and Globalization: Victims, Sites of Resistance And New World Views

My theme for this essay is “Women and Globalization.” I wish to talk about women’s relation to globalization both in the ways that women, especially poor women, are disproportionately victims of globalization, and also the way in which women’s groups are among the important sites of critique and resistance to globalization. I also want to suggest some ways in which alternative movements and worldviews of the Sacred are emerging from this struggle. We need... Read More

The Religion of Globalization

The many different interactions between globalization and religion can be approached from a variety of theological perspectives and ethical practices. The World Council of Churches (WCC) marks one such model. The WCC constitutes the largest transnational institutional manifestation of diverse communities of Christian faith. It encompasses the denominations of Protestantism (e.g., Episcopal, Presbyterian, Methodist, Congregational, Baptist, etc.), structural dialogue with the Roman... Read More

Consumption, the Market, and the Eucharist

There was a woman named Rosalinda with whom I attended Sunday mass when I lived in Chile in the 1980s. Rosalinda lived in a small wooden shanty with her elderly mother. Their income, which sufficed for little more than bread and tea, was derived from the potholders and other items that Rosalinda crocheted and sold at the local market. On one of my first visits to her home, Rosalinda gave me a little crocheted bird that is used for grasping the handles of hot tea kettles. When... Read More