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Overcoming Metaphysics: Overcoming Racial Oppression

Contemporary political analysis champions the ideal of a post-racial America, and in some circles, this ideal is viewed as a triumph, as if we already function apart from any sort of racial privilege or division. However, the mythical nature of such an ideal is revealed by the harsh reality of the contemporary American situation, a situation in which geographical barriers still divide entire populations of whites and non-whites in the South. Systems of privilege and oppression,... Read More

The Return of Renard: A Review of The Journal of Jules Renard

Jules Renard, The Journal of Jules Renard, ed. and trans. Louise Bogan and Elizabeth Roget (Portland, OR: Tin House Books, 2008), 60 pages, $16.95 paper. Click here to buy The Journal of Jules Renard from Amazon.com and help support The Other Journal. Jean-Paul Sartre once described good literature as “an act of faith” and bad literature as the product of “good sentiments.”1 But that was sixty years ago, when “sentiment” was at least self-effacing, when even the bad... Read More

How (Not) to Think about Death: A Meditation on Life

In the Genesis account of the Fall, the primary reason that Adam and Eve are driven out of Eden is so that after having eaten from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil they may not eat of the tree of life and live forever. This narrative provides a very straightforward account of how death comes into the world: It is a consequence of disobeying God. Underlying the etiological import of the story, though, is an interesting assumption about the nature of death itself.... Read More