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bejesus: by Jesus, an alteration of Jesus Christ; a mild expletive of the temple of the Holy Spirit, e.g. <scare the bejesus out of me>   Sunday morning Grandmother and I walk down the alley to the Pentecostal church. Dust puffs lift from the toes of my shoes, powdery as Grandmother’s talcum. In the children’s room, I play until it’s time to march down the center aisle (the congregation singing “Praise Him All Ye Little Children”) to where she usually sits... Read More

Nicolas Cage and the Problem of Evil: Why Do Good Movies Happen to Bad Actors?

Today, as I write this, the world is learning about the death of Ronnie James Dio, who succumbed to stomach cancer at the age of sixty-seven. The heavy-metal singer replaced Ozzy Osbourne in the late ’70s as the front man for Black Sabbath. After several years and records, Dio went on to front Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow and to have a successful career leading his own eponymous band, with hits like “Holy Diver” and “Rainbow in the Dark.” More importantly, Dio... Read More