That pain, suffering, oppression, and violence occur in the world is all too obvious. To grasp that the destructive forces we face are evil is not so obvious. This is not because the effects of evil are merely illusions, but because to know something as evil, that is, to recognize it as a force in rebellion to God, requires that we know who this God is and what it means to live in fellowship with this God. In this our twentieth issue of The Other Journal, the essays, interviews, and creative pieces will address the topic of evil, describing its nature, the places it is operating in our culture, and the ways it can subtly take hold of our lives. And yet, while resisting the temptation to engage in theodicy, which too quickly moves beyond the devastation and misery of those suffering under the power of evil, we hope this issue will point you to the decisive work of God to triumph over evil and the grace God offers us to resist its pull on our lives.