“It is better to study a few films closely than to see many films and think on them occasionally.”

“Praise not a work for how much you agree with its religion or its politics — for propaganda is not art, and persuasion is not the stuff of great cinema.”

“Love artists who do great things with very little; moreover, avoid those who do very little with vast resources at their disposal. (Sadly, many artists who began as the former eventually became the latter.)”

“Detest superfluity, that you may be preserved from confusion of mind.”

“The man who sees a film and does not secure an hour or more afterward to reflect on it, write about the experience, or discuss it with other moviegoers, is like the man who orders a meal and eats it without chewing a bite.”

These are just a few sayings from the journals of the ancient film critic St. Cinemas. For more, visit Looking Closer.