First of all, Oi to the World! was written by The Vandals, not that obnoxiously horrible “I don’t know when to stop singing, so I’ll just keep belting ‘oooohhh’ throughout ever ‘effing line in a song” crappy singer Gwen Stefani. But, I guess, since the song is about unity I should be nice. And it’s Christmas time and all that so . . . yeah, she’s still pretty fudging bad. Sorry. Can’t help it.

Anyway, I’m out for a few weeks (until after the New Year). Travels, booze, beaches, and work. In the meantime, enjoy this classic line from The Vandals’ tune, “Oi to the World!“, and if you need help on what you should be listening to this time of the year, check out this post.

I leave you with both a Vandalian call to unity and, just below it, an oh so precious work of genius.

If God came down on Christmas Day –

I know exactly what he’d say –

He’d say “Oi to the punks and Oi to the skins,

but Oi to the world and everybody wins!”

With those words of advice, grab some bourbon and enjoy The Pogues . . . you tossers.