I’ll keep it short and sweet – going to a David Bazan house show is a sublime experience. My wife and I went to one in Bellingham, WA a few years back (right after “Curse Your Branches” came out) and it was incredible; we had seen him perform before with Pedro the Lion in clubs, and even in a church (the acoustically blessed Music Gallery in Toronto), but there is nothing quite like sitting cross-legged in a stranger’s packed living room, listening to the sonorous voice of a master songwriter.

Well, you have the opportunity to go to a Bazan house show, and it is not one you should pass up. If your city is on the list for the 2014 tour, you can buy tickets here.

For a little preview, here’s video of Bazan performing the arresting “Hard to Be.” If I ever finish making (and writing about) my “faith and doubt playlist,” this will be the first song on the list. Sorry I can’t figure out how to embed the video: