sit beside me and I’ll tell you
how it really began   How God said
the tree was good and meant it was good
How Adam was born a big man-baby the first
days breast-feeding from God’s mango tit
juice dripping down his chin down
his neck   past his toes
into earth

Come to my side
I will plait your hair   tell you how
God pulled me from her splaying side
birthed me breaching and bucking into
the world screaming   Her hip still tenders
at the thought of how I began strong even
in a garden with no rain an Eden with no
harvest or hardwork   no tilling ground
no ploughshares rained
and rusting

Back then   I sighted seeds
wanted a watermelon to grow
in my stomach     to conceive
birth and death and moon     fruits
flaunting from trees as heavy milky breasts
bending boughs   child ripping skin
splitting legs   pain strong through
my side like God’s heavy hand
on my forehead   Adam’s
on my thigh

And I desired dark
to take the earth in my teeth
and nibble nightskin   It tasted like sun
like thighs like Adam’s earlobe dangling on high
above my ready tongue   salt sea surging
inside   the brine deep and climbing
So when God said drink   I knew
she meant commune   She meant

let it dance on your tongue
like stars   like moon-sky   My daughters
I was on the cusp of the world   falling eyes
flinging body into air   into sun   tide moon   swaying
summer hips   slicing center   swimming river I was
morning   I was evening   I was the first day
breaking   mountain into valley   carving
canyon womb   soft-skinned summer
peaches   paring apples
sweating wedges

Sidle up to me   Today I rose
before you   before let there be light
I’ve grown round with apple skins
and cider   all the time splicing sidewinder
into woman into walking dreaming baby of breasts
and one extra rib   So this seventh day when God
is at rest I sheath myself in Eden’s fallow
fields   ready to birth a second earth
to offer you this breath this life
this splitting   supple side