This is my last post as The Amish Jihadist. While it’s been fun, and the lovely people at The Other Journal are wickedly awesome (thanks, guys!), it’s never made a lot of sense to me as to why The Amish Jihadist should have an online presence. That move in and of itself makes for a bad Amish Jihadist. That kid needs to be offline and, relatively speaking, as off-grid as possible. The only places you should be able to find him are in a pub, on his farm, and at the beach (and, of course, crashing dance halls, anarchist book fairs, and the finest of dingy punk rock venues). So, that’s where he’ll be. Outside. Immersed. Doing things he enjoys doing and writing about things he enjoys writing about–all of which stem from his experiences rooted in the soil, ocean, shoddy PA systems, and the flesh.

I think we’ll all be better off for it.