Emptiness is big with child

And Thievery the same: 

Thievery’s big with child.

The window is too big

With child, again

When it rains.

Forests, they are big with child.                                                    

If you lose your way, you lose the child.

A hat is also big with child.

Straw or felt, with child—

Panama, ten-gallon,

Big with child—

In the depths,

At the bottom,

A child.

Every mouth is big with child.

Every flood and plain

Of words,

Every farewell wish,

Big with child, gigantic.

If the unknown is with child,

Strangers, fugitives

Are big with child

And all these races, all

The colors and their shapes,

Are with child,


No face is without child

And every drawer

With child.