i lay and listened to the rain

last night          it felt a bit like sleep

and they were there     in torrents


that i put my hand up to my sin

at four            “adorable”

(i couldn’t win)

just tell me    i am saved

and in the silence on the edges at the


of another deluge

tell me           i can come inside

tell me (as i listened to the rain) you


    don’t tell me what

i want to hear          don’t

Keep It Simple     Stupid

i am in it to my neck     belovèd  

as the water rises

tell me                  that you notice 

tell me we are not ok 

with this

i lay and listened    to the rain

and rose     and here we are

(and still it beats

against the windows)


is it love that pulls me    back  

belovèd as the water rises

is it love or       is it sunday