Dan Allender

Moby Dick and the Psychopathology of Transcendent Rage

Call me naïve. I don’t understand how a person, political party, or cultural movement can sustain rage for any length of time, let alone for months and years. But we are living in a day of sustained rage—political animosity, culture wars, national stereotyping, and religious bigotry. One need only flip from one radio talk show […]

Chris Keller, Dan Allender

Eroticism, Fly Fishing, and Bad Metaphors: An Interview with Dan Allender

TOJ: This issue, as you know, is giving attention to sexuality and gender, and I wanted to start off by asking you to speak to the sexual climate in North America. Some have described our culture as hyper-sexualized, that the pornographic is becoming more interwoven in our cultural discourse, but concurrently rates of sexual satisfaction […]

Dan Allender

Raping Eve: Reflections on war rape, the political process, and grace

We are entering a season in our country that is full of vengeance, acrimony and truth distortion. It is the political equivalent of rape. It is an ugly and dark side not only of our political process, but far more importantly, our selves. If one needs a clear picture of this, then look no farther […]