David E. Fitch

David Fitch on The Church in the Present Tense

What has Become of the Emerging Church? The Problem of the Never Ending Tolerant Conversation By David Fitch The emerging church frustrates me. Perhaps this is my problem because I am expecting it be something it was never intended to be. Nonetheless, the emerging church frustrates me because, over the past ten years, it asked […]

David E. Fitch, Tim Soerens

Master Signifiers and the Survival of Evangelicalism: An Interview with David Fitch

In his latest book, “The End of Evangelicalism?”, pastor and professor David E. Fitch explores the possibility of evangelicalism surviving, in some form, throughout the 21st century.  Fitch utilizes the philosophy of Slavoj Žižek to deconstruct what many evangelicals hold most dear–inerrancy of Scripture, the decision for Christ, and belief that the U.S. is a […]