Heather Smith Stringer, Lee Price

Sleeping with Peaches: An Interview with Painter Lee Price

Lee Price is a figurative painter from New York. She has been painting women and food for over twenty years and continues to address the intersections of food with body image, addiction, and unabating desire. In this interview Price shares her trajectory as a painter, her personal struggles with food, and the ongoing battle of […]

Heather Smith Stringer, Tara Ward, Zadok Wartes

Curators of Beauty and Space

It is a rare and special treat to find a band that makes music, especially music that one might classify as religious music, which is wholly devoted to the pursuit of beauty. The Opiate Mass, a Seattle-based collaboration of musicians, songwriters, visual artists, audio engineers, and authors, provides just such a treat. In this interview, […]

Heather Smith Stringer, Scott Strazzante

Common Ground: Symmetries of Land and Culture after Economic Change

In this photo exhibit, Scott Strazzante juxtaposes images from a cattle-ranching family and a family living in a subdevelopment several years later on the same land to reveal the differences, complexities, and similarities between farm life and suburbia life.