Gerald Lopez, Jen Grabarczyk-Turner

La Pasión del Luchador y el Artista Gerald Lopez

The Other Journal features art from the Latino artist Gerald Lopez, who creates images based on the Mexican sport of professional wrestling known as Lucha libre.

Jen Grabarczyk-Turner, Shelia Rogers

A Beguiling Aesthetic: Shelia Rogers and Her Oceans of Plastic

An exploration of the exhibit Oceans of Plastic by artist Shelia Rogers, who cleverly works with plastic and other found material she has collected over years of beachcombing in an effort to raise awareness of a challenging global situation.

Jen Grabarczyk-Turner, Joyce Polance

Quiet Storms: The Paintings of Women by Joyce Polance

A look at recent work from artist Joyce Polance, who explores through female nude figurative paintings the emotional curvature and complexity of women in friendship and life together.

Erika Vogt, Jen Grabarczyk-Turner

Stranger Debris Roll Roll Roll

An art installation by Los Angeles artist Erika Vogt that combines pulleys, plaster, found objects, drawings, and videos to create tension between our understanding of objects and to challenge prescribed art-making systems.

Jen Grabarczyk-Turner, Kurt Simonson

Kurt Simonson: A Thin Silence

This body of work from photographer Kurt Simonson relates to his experiences living at the L’Abri communities and takes notice of themes such as stillness, presence, and community.

Dominique Ovalle, Jen Grabarczyk-Turner

I Love You: An Interview with Dominique Ovalle

An interview with California artist Dominique Ovalle on painting, beauty, murals, cockroaches in Palau, and a reality behind life as an artist.