Jo-Ann Badley

God Is Coming

Jo-Ann Badley explores artistic depictions of Gabriel’s visit to Mary to open our imaginations to God’s presence.

Jo-Ann Badley

Like an Unnamed Woman

Jo-Ann Badley follows Mary through John’s Gospel, grieving and rejoicing in the hour of her Son.

Jo-Ann Badley

The Songs of Mary and Paul

Jo-Ann Badley writes about how even Mary, pregnant with God by the Holy Spirit, still needs a man to get the recognition she deserves from Protestants.

Jo-Ann Badley

Body Lost, Body Broken, Body Raised

Recent attention to the body opens a discussion of bodily practices to which St. Paul contributes principles for Christian practice.

Jo-Ann Badley, Stephanie Neill

Finding Connection in the Bread and the Cup

Jo-Ann Badley and Stephanie Neill propose that the current interest in food in North American culture redresses cultural patterns of detachment in ways consonant with New Testament practices of communion, calling us to gratitude and recognition of the relational character of human living.