Billie Hoard, Paul R. Hoard

Freud’s Last Session:

In Freud’s Last Session, a film adaptation of a play that is itself based on a book, the great thinkers Sigmund Freud and C. S. Lewis verbally spar about the nature and existence of God, yet the film is almost uninterested in deciding which of them is right.[1] Their disagreement over the existence of God […]

Paul R. Hoard, Tim Suttle

Lacanian Virtue Ethics? Cultivating Virtue Through Failure

Nobody shows up in the world with a fully formed understanding of what it means to be human. Instead, we are born into a community that trains its members, forming each within a particular tradition. This instruction happens iteratively through the repeated imposition of habits and stories that shape the way members of the community […]

Paul R. Hoard

Beyond Fragility: Interpassive White Rage

Her eyes filled with terror at the sight of me, and she sped out of that South Carolina parking lot, tires screeching. I stood there holding my jumper cables and feeling confused, shocked, and ashamed. I’d forgotten to turn off the headlights on my old Honda. and my car battery was dead. I thought I […]