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Sean Blaschke

Sean Blaschke is leading the African AIDS Awareness Campaign. Originally from California, Mr. Blaschke has worked in the Gambia for the past three and a half years with the United States Peace Corps, the German Development Services (KfW and GTZ), and the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO). As a Peace Corps Volunteer, Mr. Blaschke developed agro-forestry and small business development projects in rural Gambian communities. This included building local capacity in areas as varied as water resource development, poultry management, marketing analysis and development of forest products, along with the promotion of natural medicines in vulnerable populations. Mr. Blaschke’s subsequent work as the National Media Coordinator for the Gambian Department of Forestry brought him back to his primary passion for journalism. Mr. Blaschke authored numerous articles for national and international newspapers, produced musical tracks with the Gambia’s most popular recording artist, Jaliba Kuyateh, organized participatory radio programs, supervised the filming of a video documentary, and coordinated a wide variety of national publicity events and activities. Along with supervising the logistics of the campaign, Mr. Blaschke plans to contribute articles and photographs to a wide spectrum of different media outlets.