Sean Jackson

The ONE Campaign and Product (RED): Revolution Without Cost

Beginning in the fall of 2006, a new campaign began to sweep across America called The ONE Campaign. Promoted by the likes of Oprah and Bono, Matt and George, Angelina and Brad, ONE has quickly become the campaign to be involved in. And with awareness for global poverty and disease at perhaps an all-time high, more […]

Sean Jackson

Pornography and Consumerism: An Interview with Pamela Paul

TOJ: What initially compelled you to explore the main question you begin with in your book, Pornified: How Pornography is Transforming our Lives, our Relationships, and our Families? PP: The book started off as an article for Time Magazine, really an issue exploring sex and emotional health and I think that like a lot of Americans, I’ve noticed […]

Sean Jackson

An Interview with Rich Stearns

TOJ: World Vision is certainly a model for people of faith in N. America for aiding those who are most vulnerable. What is World Vision doing in places like Uganda to intervene with children being made to be soldiers? And along those same lines, what challenges has World Vision seen in places like Uganda and […]

Christina Maria DesVaux, JR Mahon, Sean Jackson

The XXXChurch Interview: Shock and Awe in Christian Ministry

TOJ (Sean): On your website, it states, “XXXChurch exists to bring awareness, openness, accountability, and recovery to the church, society, and individuals, in the issues of pornography, and to begin to provide solutions through non-judgmental and creative means.” What are these “non-judgmental and creative means?” And in what ways have you seen this mission statement […]