Tom Ryan

Back To (the) Church

Ten years ago this fall I entered seminary to pursue my M.Div. and, I thought, a career as a campus pastor at a Christian college. The “calling” to the pastorate was one I’d felt early in my life, and I took that call seriously during my time in seminary. I thought often about the past, […]

Tom Ryan

Into the Noise

Here at TOJ, we’re always intrigued when we come across like-minded folks doing like-minded work. So when I got word of a new project called “Into the Noise,”an organization that leads trips to some of the major artistic events in our culture, my curiosity was piqued. Started just last year, Into the Noise (ITN) hosts […]

Brian D. McLaren, Tom Ryan

Between Mixed Martial Arts and the "L" Word: An Interview with Brian McLaren

Brian McLaren has been asking important questions about Christian practice for decades, stirring needed debate within the world of evangelicalism and beyond. His newest book, A New Kind of Christianity, continues McLaren’s project of assessing and reassessing our assumptions concerning the foundations of modern Christian practice by asking ten important questions about the pillars of the Christian faith: narrative, […]