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Tuuli Saarela

Tuuli Saarela is joining the team from San Francisco, where she works as a Grant Writer for local government and nonprofit agencies. Her writing experience includes designing projects that combat various public health issues that affect women, such as prenatal health, trauma and violence, substance abuse, and mental health. She has a strong passion for finding ways to make government and society at large more responsive to the needs of underserved women. In addition to successfully raising money for programs in the United States, Ms. Saarela worked as a Marketing Coordinator for a private firm in Ghana and has traveled extensively in West Africa. During her travels, she volunteered her time for various African-led development projects, including water and sanitation training project intended to sensitize rural communities. In 2001, Tuuli was the first prize winner of an UNESCO-sponsored “Building a Culture of Peace” essay contest. Ms. Saarela plans to explore the perspective African women have on HIV/AIDS and the important role they play in proliferating disease prevention efforts.