Zachary Thomas Settle

Exactly How Unspeakable?

Editor-in-Chief Zac Settle reviews the latest Christological contributions from Rowan Williams and Paul DeHart.

Claire K. McKeever-Burgett, Justin R. Phillips, Lynn Domina, Preston Hill, Ryan Kelley, Zachary Thomas Settle

Knowing Your Place and the End of White Evangelicalism

Justin Phillips reflects on writing about the formative communities of his life—white, southern, evangelical—and on trying to live faithfully and speak prophetically in the context of his upbringing.

Zachary Thomas Settle

The Other Review: What’s a Body?

Zachary Thomas Settle brings Paul Griffith’s Christian Flesh into conversation with Natalie Carnes’ Motherhood.

Zachary Thomas Settle

Special: The Sundance Issue

Recently, The Other Journal was invited to attend the Sundance Film Festival with Into the Noise, a nonprofit that travels to large festivals like Sundance to explore the cultural and spiritual stories that are being shared by our world’s most creative thinkers and creators. Their goal is to approach each festival communally, thoughtfully, and theologically, to […]