Issue 1: Theodicy

Jason Killingsworth

A Conversation with Bill Mallonee

Surely you’re familiar with the tale of some unrefined hillbilly purchasing a cheap plot of land, oblivious to the fortune in crude oil sloshing about just beneath the surface. Of course you are. Well, my Jed Clampett moment occurred toward the end of my Junior year of high school when I borrowed a Best Of […]

Rosie Thomas

5 Questions for Rosie Thomas

Editor’s Note: In honor of The Other Journal’s tenth anniversary, we’re featuring select articles from our archives throughout the spring and summer. Check back each Friday as we republish some of our favorite writing over the years.

Brian Munz

A Long Way To Fall

It would be a long way to fall. The tree had perfect placement, leaning slightly over the pond so we could be sure to miss the rocky bank when the water was low. Ben, Matt, and I had rushed back to my farm immediately after school, and were still in our school dress; khakis and […]

Andy Barnes

Sleeping By the Sea

The full moon is pure liquid lantern light Flowing through the boardwalk to the sea. The sandcastles lie in the silver night, With the wind and the waves and you and me. We wait for the tide to sweep us away In gray swan ships of water and surf. The stars will all fail to […]