Issue 24: Geography

In this issue of The Other Journal, we seek to further explore and understand this deeply woven connection between our locations and our lives, between our land and our souls. The essays, artwork, and poetry in this issue consider this primitive and intimate connection. From snuffling bears in the Northwest backcountry to the magic of twinkling lights on California palms, from the cathedrals of Wales to the hardwood forests of Shenandoah and the trash-covered banks of Corpus Christi Bay, from contemporary bioregional praxis and the practice of reinhabitation to Saint Justin Martyr and the kingdom of God, we investigate the many and multifaceted ways that geography gives shape and content to our lives. And we especially hope to illuminate the broken places, for as Andrew Arndt says, “wherever there is pain, wherever there is struggle, wherever there is brokenness and hurt, wherever there is conflict, wherever there is paradox, wherever there is contradiction and chaos, wherever the human struggle for integration and wholeness is present, those are the places God is present and calling us.”