Issue 31: Time

In this issue of The Other Journal, we take up the themes of time, history, and eschatology: What is the nature of time? How does time influence and shape the modern world and those who inhabit it? Is God in or out of time? What is the relationship between theology and history? How might historical investigation function in a theological register? How will time end? Or how does Christianity’s varied conceptions about the end of things influence our present moment?

Charles A. Gillespie

History Has Its Eyes on You

Charles A. Gillespie finds dramatic clues to make our time together meaningful in dialogue with Hans Urs von Balthasar and theater.

Emily Cool Greener, Lynn Domina

Lament for Pandemic

Emily Cool Greener offers a litany for the tumultuous times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Marci Rae Johnson


Marci Rae Johnson explores the Buddhist concept of thusness, of resting in the ordinary and the extraordinary.

Sara E. Solberg


Sara E. Solberg reflects on the refugee crisis.

Sara E. Solberg


Sara E. Solberg pays homage to a forgotten martyr.

Mark Powell

Prayer Life

Mark Powell considers marriage, guilt, and designer chocolate milk.

Sarah L. Sanderson


Sarah L Sanderson pauses in the midst of an anxiety-filled wait for diagnostic surgery to wonder about the presence of God.

Mia Pohlman

Desert Woman

Mia Pohlman meditates on the gritty image of womanhood depicted in a painting of Our Lady of Częstochowa.

desert woman
Gail Tyson

Speak, Silence

Gail Tyson explores how unplanned events illuminate our lives.

Jeff Gundy

Scattered Notes: History

Jeff Gundy searches the past for signs and storms, for what shines and glows and glitters.

Kyle B. T. Lambelet

Counting on Apocalypse

Kyle B. T. Lambelet considers the theological implications of the apocalyptic icon the Doomsday Clock.

Cameron Morse

Looking for God

Cameron Morse looks for God in the dead of winter with his toddler son.

Cameron Morse

What’s Still

Cameron Morse carries his search for God to maggots after night rain.

night rain
James Owens


James Owens discovers the overlap of time and grace in the flight of a moth.

Andrew Arndt

The Future of God

Andrew Arndt suggests a bridge between Augustine’s eschatological vision in City of God and his thoughts on divine eternity in Confessions.

Maryann Corbett

Wet Ghazal

Maryann Corbett riffs on the various waters of life.