“God Is Dead” and I Don’t Feel So Good Myself


Theological Engagements with the New Atheism
Edited by Andrew David, Christopher J. Keller, Jon Stanley

In this pertinent and engaging volume leading Christian philosophers, theologians, and writers from all over the denominational map explode the black-and-white binaries that characterize both sides of the New Atheism debate. They transcend the self-assured shouting matches of this latest expression of the culture wars by engaging in rigorous, polychromatic Christian reflection that considers the extent to which the atheistic critique-both new and old-might help the church move toward a more mature faith, authentic spirituality, charitable witness, and peaceable practice. With generous openness and ferocious wit, this collection of essays, interviews, memoir, poetry, and visual art-including contributions from leading intellectuals, activists, and artists such as Stanley Hauerwas, Charles Taylor, John Milbank, Stanley Fish, Luci Shaw, Paul Roorda, Merold Westphal, and D. Stephen Long-provides substantive analysis, incisive critique, and a hopeful way forward for Christian dialog with atheist voices.

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Contributors Include:
Andy Barnes, Peter M. Candler Jr., Becky Crook, Brad Davis, Courtney Druz, Stanley Fish, Brandi Gentry’s, Larry Gilman, Stanley Hauerwas, Robert Inchausti, Ronald A. Kuipers, D. Stephen Long, Charles T. Mathewes, John Milbank, Randal Rauser, Dan Rhodes, Paul Roorda, Christine Sine, Luci Shaw, Jon Stanley, Ben Suriano, Charles Taylor, and Merold Westphal