Tripp York

How to Create An _________ (hint: it begins with an ‘a’)

So, the book below just popped into my life (how do things like this just ‘pop’ into my life anyway? Providence? Contingency? Accident? Amazon referrals?) And I my first thought was, “Great. Just great. Not only do I have to worry about assholes trying to convert me to Christianity, now I have to worry about assholes […]

Joshua Busman

Keep Your Hands To Yourself (Especially If They’re Praying…)

Over the past several days, I have seen at least two dozen friends and acquaintances on Facebook and Twitter post a link to this web comic from The Oatmeal entitled “How To Suck at Your Religion.” This comic, written by Oatmeal founder Matthew Inman, was re-posted several times by friends of mine who are atheists and agnostics […]

Chad Lakies

RESOURCE: Jamie Smith on A/Theism

A/Theism is an interesting move within the conversation about postmodern theology and the church. An effort by some to overcome onto-theological concerns, you can find it in the writings of the emerging church leader Peter Rollins and in the academic work of John D. Caputo — to name only a couple of thinkers familiar to […]

Ben Suriano

On What Could Quite Rightly Pass for a Fetish: Some Thoughts on Whether “Every Christian Should ‘Quite Rightly Pass for an Atheist’”

In this essay, Ben Suriano responds to Jon Stanley’s claim that there are at least two (very biblical) ways that every Christian would do well to “quite rightly pass for an atheist.” The essay argues that every Christian should rather “quite rightly pass for a Christian” because the predominant form of atheism is in fact the core metaphysical and ontological assumption that makes possible the imperial logics operative in both the Roman and modern order.