Katie Prudek Lin

Perinatal Eucharist

Katie Prudek Lin explores Christ as Mother, with a little help from Julian of Norwich and her own experience of childbirth.

Katherine James

Being Pretty

Katherine James contemplates the fleetingness of beauty as she faces cancer and aging.

Oluwatomisin Oredein


Tomi Oredein offers her take on some of the beautiful ways we are human.

David A. Garner

The Briefing 7.4.14

Howard Megdal makes a defense for the hot dog: Let’s be honest: When you are eating a hot dog, you are making a bargain with God. There’s a certain amount of information you normally receive when you purchase food. You buy a hamburger, there’s a certain level of belief that it’s ground beef. The same […]

Bruce Benson

Book Symposium: Liturgy as a Way of Life (Benson’s Response to Borecki)

Today we have Bruce Ellis Benson’s response to Linda Borecki’s very provocative and stimulating set of questions from her review of his book Liturgy as a Way of Life. Bruce’s response is equally as captivating. **Please take the time to join in this Symposium by reflecting with us in the comments below. These reviews and […]

Linda Borecki

Book Symposium: Liturgy as a Way of Life (Linda Borecki)

This week’s review of Bruce Ellis Benson’s Liturgy as a Way of Life comes from Linda Borecki. ———– “Thus, the very being of life is improvisatory – by which I mean that it is a mixture of both structure and contingency, of regularity and unpredictability, of constraint and possibility. Further, if God is indeed still […]