Zachary Thomas Settle

The Other Review: What’s a Body?

Zachary Thomas Settle brings Paul Griffith’s Christian Flesh into conversation with Natalie Carnes’ Motherhood.

Barbara Crooker

The Cathars

In this poem, Barbara Crooker reflects on the Cathars.

Dave de la Fuente

On Thyroids and Theology: Lessons for the Body of Christ

I knew nothing of how doctors think about and practice medicine when not long ago I found myself obtaining employment as a patient advocate at Mount Sinai Health System’s Head and Neck Institute in New York City. That I, a recent graduate with a master’s degree in theology, would have much to learn about the […]

Lauren Frances Evans

Becoming Two

Lauren Frances Evans contemplates the significance of the placenta and the creative act, examining her role as artist, mother, and person of faith.