Caroline Stowell

Cultural Infusion

Caroline Stowell learns the difference between loving and converting.

Shelby Poulin

The New Communion

Shelby Poulin imagines church, humbled and stripped-back.

Christina Lee Barnes

Watts Towers

Christina Lee Barnes draws inspiration from a Los Angeles folk-art landmark.

Bruce T. Morrill

Jesuit Life, Family Life

Bruce Morrill employs a Jesuit narrative technique to describe tensions between life in the religious order and family life.

Ryan Dueck

An Unnatural Order

The arrival of Syrian refugees to a small city on the Canadian prairies is an occasion for Ryan Dueck to reflect upon who we really think we are.

Brian Bantum

The Third Day

A young girl tries to escape a grief-stricken home only to find that home is where her she is known most fully.

Jonathan Hiskes

Holden Village Journal

Sunday We are on the boat, our family, barreling north into a sea of granite peaks. Before us spreads the gleaming surface of Lake Chelan, a fifty-one-mile gash cutting deep into the Cascade Mountains. To our right, the eastern foothills flow by, sun-browned in the August heat. They lie hulking like knuckles on a fist. […]

Amy Peterson

Wanderlust: A Personal History

Examining the frontier myth in American culture, Peterson traces her own life’s movement from wanderlust to stability.