Donna J. Gelagotis Lee

Like a Day I Never Knew

The speaker in this poem examines her place between the “blessed and unblessed” and observes the gap between her actions of piety and the “attempt” at a life.

Daniel M. Bell Jr.

The Economy of Salvation

The economy of salvation enacted by Christ on the cross displays the divine economy of plenitude, ceaseless generosity, and superabundance.

Jacob H. Friesenhahn

Evil, the New Atheism, and the God of the Trinity

Von Balthasar’s theology of the Trinity provides a compelling framework in which Christians can engage the problem of evil, including its recent formulations by the New Atheism.

Chad Gusler

We The Village

In the days when our courthouse was being built, a mason—we don’t know who—came to our village in the night and inscribed a simple phrase on the building’s cornerstone: God’s will be done. We were, at first, outraged that someone had dared to soil our builder’s work, but over the course of generations, the mason’s […]

Nathan R. Kerr

“With Sighs Too Deep for Words”: On Praying With the Victims in Haiti

In this theological response to the Haiti earthquake, Nathan Kerr suggests that rather than merely speaking about God, Christians should inhabit a mode of speaking to God that responds to the oppressed victims of Haiti by living in solidarity with them, both in revolt against the powers that oppress and in hope that God might liberate them to live and love freely.