Joshua Busman

“Then” What Do We Do?

  If not for his tragic suicide back in 2008, today would have been the fifty-first birthday of award-winning writer¬†David Foster Wallace. By nearly any account, Wallace was the greatest talent of his generation. In addition to his sparkling fiction, which included sprawling, encyclopedic novels such as Infinite Jest and beautifully crystalline short short stories […]

Alissa Wilkinson

Brief Interviews with Hideous Men

IndieWire is reporting that John Krasinksi’s Brief Interviews with Hideous Men has finally been picked up for distribution by IFC In Theaters in September. The film is Krasinski’s directorial debut, which premiered at Sundance this year and stars Julianne Nicholson, Krasinski, Will Arnett, Dominic Cooper, Bobby Cannavale, Timothy Hutton, Christopher Meloni, Max Minghella, Ben Shenkmen […]