M. Leary

Mad Men (Season 7, Ep. 6) – Psalms For a Burger Chef Era

(Prior thoughts on Mad Men can be found here.) There are a few moments in which Mad Men has deposited a great deal of existential crisis on the shoulders of a biblical reference, the fleeting Eucharistic reference in “The Strategy” a good example. Mad Men is an exercise in an invigorating form of historiography that […]

Eric Severson

Book Symposium: Futurity in Phenomenology: Severson’s Reflections on DeRoo

In the review below, Eric Severson takes up Neal DeRoo’s Futurity in Phenomenology: Promise and Method in Hussel, Levinas and Derrida in two respects. First, he addresses the book according to its philosophical pedigree–the work after all deals with a line of thinking in 20th century Continental thought and considers it’s consequences. Severson’s review will […]

Neal DeRoo

Book Symposium: Futurity in Phenomenology – “Liturgy as Living the Promise,” DeRoo Responds to Gschwandtner

In the post below, Neal DeRoo responds to the Christina Gschwandtner’s profound reflection on his book Futurity in Phenomenology: Promise and Method in Husserl, Levinas and Derrida. Her post offered some very substantial thoughts on the connections between Neal’s work and the church community by focusing specifically on the topic of liturgy. Neal’s response is […]

Christina Gschwantner

Book Symposium: Futurity in Phenomenology – Christina Gschwandtner Reviews DeRoo

The following is a review from Christina Gschwandtner in our book Symposium on Neal DeRoo’s Futurity in Phenomenology: Promise and Method in Husserl, Levinas and Derrida. Christina M. Gschwandtner teaches Continental philosophy of religion at Fordham University. She is author of Reading Jean-Luc Marion: Exceeding Metaphysics (Indiana, 2007), Postmodern Apologetics? Arguments for God in Contemporary […]

Chad Lakies

Upcoming Book Symposium – DeRoo: Futuriity in Phenomenology

Next week we begin a new book discussion with some fantastic philosophers who are also wonderful gifts to the church.Their work in itself challenges the ecclesia in profound ways, but also draws from the deep wells of philosophical thinkers who themselves, may or may not drink from the water of life that Christ gives, yet […]

Nathaniel Marx

Book Symposium: Liturgy as a Way of Life (Nathaniel Marx)

In our final review of the Symposium of Bruce Ellis Benson’s Liturgy as a Way of Life, Nathaniel Marx approaches Benson’s book from a different angle, engaging him and his argument with a unique cultural phenomenon that seems at first glance far away from Benson’s topic. But Marx’s cultural exegesis proves just as good as […]

J. Aaron Simmons

New Book – Reexamining Deconstruction and Determinate Religion

Given the invigorating discussions that occur on this blog about the intersection of religion and postmodernism, I wanted to just note the publication of a new book that Stephen Minister and I have edited that is likely to be of interest to “Church and Postmodernism” readers.  It is entitled, Reexamining Deconstruction and Determinate Religion: Toward […]