Todd Copeland


Todd Copeland reflects on the gift of memory, tools, and family.

Daniel M. Bell Jr.

The Economy of Salvation

The economy of salvation enacted by Christ on the cross displays the divine economy of plenitude, ceaseless generosity, and superabundance.

Chad Lakies

Podcast with Daniel Bell on Capitalism and Desire

(Due to a scheduling error, this is just posting today, but it should have posted on Thursday. Our apologies.) Last November saw the release of the excellent and illuminating (and convicting) book by Daniel Bell Jr.,–the latest in the Church and Postmodern Culture Series–The Economy of Desire: Christianity and Capitalism in a Postmodern World. Bell’s […]

Christopher J. H. Wright

The “Righteous Rich” in the Old Testament

The Old Testament recognizes that riches can be gained through wickedness and oppression, but it also teaches and exemplifies that those to whom God grants more than ordinary wealth can and should make use of it in ways that are righteous before God, both in attitude and in practice.

Scott Bader-Saye

Flirting with Money

This essay asks, “What is money for?” and, in light of the current banking crisis, proposes that lending and borrowing can and should be ordered to the common good.

Brian J. Walsh

Screwing with Idols: A Targum (Romans 1:16-32)

In this targum of Romans 1:16-32, Brian J. Walsh offers a creative and contemporary interpretation of a portion of the Apostle Paul’s letter to the Christian community in Rome.

Richard Schiffman

Hope (A Zen Perspective)

A poem about having hope for now, not “an appetite for this or that concocted future.”