Alexandria Barbera

Evangelicals and the End of Civic Religion

Alexandria Barbera reflects on the Republican politics that undergird evangelical faith and how this sets Trump up for success among conservative evangelicals.

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J. Aaron Simmons

On Conversation without Conversion: Reflections on Church Practice and Participation

Though I think a lot about church practice, I don’t write much on it. My writing, for better or worse, tends to be very intentionally philosophical and offered in the aim of inviting a broader readership into the technical debates of philosophy of religion. The one main exception to this general trajectory, though, is a […]

Travis Pickell

Choosing My Tradition

Christians in the millennial generation are turning toward tradition, but deep tensions exist that may ultimately undermine this embrace.

Chad Lakies

Reflections on “The Future of Evangelicalism”

Yesterday I enjoyed hearing both Rachel Held Evans and Roger Olson hold forth before a full house at George Fox Evangelical Seminary, weighing in with their thoughts on the future of evangelicalism. They add their voices to an ongoing conversation (e.g., see this oft-referenced article; see this challenging book), and one that might be of […]

Jason Clark

Evangelicals and Capitalism: Cultural Despisers and Cultural Accommodators

Cultural Despisers William Connolly, in his 2008 work Capitalism and Christianity, American Style, sets out firstly to diagnose how the ‘capitalist project’ has been perverted and warped by its resonant relationship with conservative right-wing Christian religious beliefs.[1] The religious right within Evangelicalism in America in relation to capitalism has given rise to a variety of […]

Joshua Busman

Keep Your Hands To Yourself (Especially If They’re Praying…)

Over the past several days, I have seen at least two dozen friends and acquaintances on Facebook and Twitter post a link to this web comic from The Oatmeal entitled “How To Suck at Your Religion.” This comic, written by Oatmeal founder Matthew Inman, was re-posted several times by friends of mine who are atheists and agnostics […]