Lyle Enright


Lyle Enright realizes that creative theology begins on a plate of sushi.

Joel Kurz


A poem longing for the place of taste

Juice, A Poem by Joel Kurz
Timothy E.G. Bartel

The Canyon, Age 8

In “The Canyon, Age 8,” the poet Timothy E. G. Bartel describes a certain coming-of-age brush with a minor sin, one that leaves him “tasting his new words.”

Tripp York

Mad Farmers Unite!

The one good thing about teaching (I’ve heard there are others–vicious rumors, I contend) is I get to introduce my students to the work of Wendell Berry. Berry is an academic, but he is also a farmer. He is a cultural critic, yet also an agriculturalist who creates rather than just deconstructs. He is neither […]

Alissa Herbaly Coons

Tasting the Animal Kingdom

After an earnest fifteen-year abstention from meat, Alissa Herbaly Coons finds solace in the stockpot, coming to terms with her place in the food chain and the glory to be found in the breaking not only of bread, but of bones as well.