Margaret Trim

God’s Child: A New Imagination in Trauma Healing

Childhood trauma severely limits one’s imagination of the self and the world, causing victims to define themselves by their past experiences. Central to the healing process is a restructuring of one’s imagination of self and the world. In her book Trauma and Recovery, the psychiatrist Judith Herman describes hope as the final stage of recovery […]

Chad Lakies

RESOURCE: Richard Kearney on Narrative Imagination and Catharsis

We haven’t done a RESOURCE post in quite some time. And since things have been dormant here for a bit now, it seems a good time to point readers to some worthy material for further pondering and perusal. The work of Richard Kearney does not get as much attention as it deserves (at least I […]

Allison Smythe

The Novelist Sets to Work

I will make him with red hair and a fiery tongue I will give him a country and a century a limp and strong hands I will take his wife but give him a daughter lovely enough to break his heart and will send him across the sea where he will die an old man […]