Justin R. Phillips

Jesus and the Dispossessed

In light of the 2016 presidential campaign, Justin Randall Phillips analyzes the ways in which American evangelicalism is the product and reflection of racial division.

racial division
David Jacobsen

Until an End Is Made

Certain strands of friendship can cross distances, but others—regretfully—are broken.

Chad Lakies

Jesus is a Bad Idea

I used to be quite interested in contemporary Christian apologetics (and by “contemporary” I mean something like “modernist”). That is, until I realized that the foundationalism necessary to undergird the enterprise actually tends to undermine the Christian faith it intends to uphold. For example, in the ongoing arguments between evolution and creationism (including the other […]

Tripp York

The Adventures of Dean, Andy, and Jesus (as they pass through Hell)

If I had to take a guess as to the three most important, most beloved, most adored male figures in the history of my beloved home state of North Carolina, I would venture to guess that it would be Jesus, Dean Smith, and Andy Griffith. Though, not necessarily in that order. This, of course, adds […]