David Cramer, Jenny Howell, Jonathan Tran, Paul Martens

Scandalizing John Howard Yoder

This essay reevaluates John Howard Yoder’s theological legacy in light of his sexual violations.

Tripp York

No One Would Publish This Comic About John Howard Yoder (Doing Stand-Up)

Catchier than my normal post title, right? A year or so ago, Zak and I created a three page story where Super-Mennonite decides to do stand-up comedy, with his act basically being predicated on ridiculously stupid misogynistic jokes. The real joke is that the bit is dedicated to John Howard Yoder. I thought it was pretty funny […]

Matthew Morin, Tripp York

Casting a Weak Ballot

[The following was written by guest blogger, Matthew Morin. May it never be said that I do not offer space, on my own forum, for people to critique me. Or, more importantly, that I am above letting other people help me meet my ‘quota’ for the month.] As a rule of thumb, I try not […]

Tripp York

Yoderians aren’t all sexy beasts . . . some are just beasts

Several years ago I interviewed for a teaching position at a small, private liberal arts university located in the non-mythical Northeast. I didn’t get the job, but who wants to live in the land of ‘Unsweetened Tea’, anyway? Silly Yankees. During my first day of the eight-hour interview process (seriously, interviewing for teaching positions is horrific), […]

Branson Parler

Overcoming Lamech: Lament as Antidote to Violence

In response to evil Christ-centered lament is a performative action that both acknowledges the evil and injustice present in the world and simultaneously defuses our vengeful feelings by focusing on the sacrifice of Christ.

Tripp York

Sick Book Reviews

These aren’t really sick book reviews. I’m just not that cool. Rather, these are reviews of books I’ve been reading this past week while I’ve been sick. And since I’m feeling so crappy, these are not even going to be reviews–more like snippets of a review. Kind of a less cool version of what Armstrong […]